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Modeimoselle EDP-Women's Perfume
Modeimoselle EDP-Women's Perfume
Modeimoselle EDP-Women's Perfume
Modeimoselle EDP-Women's Perfume


Modeimoselle EDP

100% original feminine perfumes.

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Mademoiselle is a young sparkling, active, cheerful and charming. It has that characteristic elegance of the Parisians, that "je ne sais quoi" that makes it unique. Cosmopolitan from the feet to the head, has an innate taste for fashion and makes her look always the most envied. Mademoiselle conveys the joy, spontaneity, elegance, sparkle and charm of the young Parisian today, a fragrance made for a restless and cheerful woman, with a special charm that makes it unique. Starter: Mademoiselle Deliciosa. A caramelized apple with currant sugar on a bed of ivy. Dish: Mademoiselle Bella Thousand three-petalled flowers: A jasmine cream enhanced with violet powder and a rose floreret. Dessert: Mademoiselle Sensual A voluptuous sandalwood cream and its irresistible chantilly mousse. The bottle evokes the opulence and sweetness of femininity. The perfume, slightly pink, evokes the floral and appetizing universe of the fragrance. His spirit is inspired by Haute Couture The case is elegant with a timeless and refined graphic sobriety

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Mademoiselle Rochas EDP is not just any fragrance. When we smell its aroma, the image of a girl with a special, sweet, independent Frenchic, in love with life and beauty, is drawn in our mind. The essence of Mademoiselle Rochas has two words that define it: fruity floral. The floral notes give that sensual touch that every woman looks for, and the fruity ones awaken the most sparkling side. The combination of its notes gives rise to a unique aroma with "je ne sais quoi". Mademoiselle Rochas is a perfume that could be compared to the famous lace of Rochas: it is so special and subtle that it becomes the second skin of every woman.

In 1925 Marcel Rochas created the fashion house in France. The designer was known as "the designer of youth" for his love of sports, travel and his passion for cinema. Such was his fame and prestige that in the 1930s he was twice the cover of the prestigious magazine Vogue. Rochas was introduced to the world of perfume shortly before the Second World War with "Avenue Matigon", "Air Jeune" and "Audace", the problem is that when the war came he had to remove them from the market. In 1949 he was able to return to the perfume market and together with the collaboration of the famous perfumer Edmond Roudnitska he launched "Femme", which was inspired by his wife Hélène. Rochas has always had a particularity, with each perfume that he created, he took accessories from it, such as "lipstick. If there is a perfume from Rochas that represents the brand, it is the well-known "Eau Rochas.

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