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Eau De Cologne EDC-Women's Perfume


Eau De Cologne EDC

100% original feminine perfumes.

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October 1972, a Carthusian monk gives Wilhelm Mülhens his wedding the formula to make the "aqua mirabilis". That smell, stimulating and relaxing, seemed so special to the boyfriend, that he founded a company to produce it. In 1796, General Daurier, commanding the French occupation in Cologne, decreed that the houses be numbered and, to the place where the colony water was made, he touched the 4711, which Ferdinand Mülhens sounded magical. Napoleon and Josefina were seduced by the first unisex colony, which today keeps the label used for the first time in 1881. A cologne of the olfactory family of the citrus with citrus notes citrus with output notes of bergamot, lemon, orange and petit -grain, a heart of rosemary and lavender, neroli (orange blossom) and rose with white musks in the background to fix the fragrances well. A classic, timeless, quality and with a good duration that has always been used to refresh and even in a therapeutic way to ward off headaches. A product made in a traditional way

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4711 Original is a pioneer fragrance as fresh and light with a curious history and that has done more than reconcile the generations: it has crossed the centuries. 4711 Original keeps its exclusive composition secret, which acts positively on the body, soul and spirit. It contains notes of bergamot, lemon and orange, which act as revitalizing. Rosemary and lavender provide a relaxing effect and strengthen the nervous system. Neroli, the flower of the orange blossom, calms and creates a positive atmosphere. Devoid of age or sex, it is used by both children and adults, men or women. The water of Colony is appreciated for the sensation of well-being and vitality that it tries. Its bottle, undisputed adornment of the bathroom of any elegant house, is another of the essential elements of this myth.

It all started on October 8, 1792 when a monk handed Wilhelm Muehlen the secret formula of a miraculous water. Muehlens created a Colony Water that, it was believed, had healing properties. The name of the perfume 4711 was put on it because it was the street number of the house of Muehlens. This fragrance is a classic in the world of perfumery that today also has a whole selection of perfume, cologne and bath line 4711.

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