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Take care of the skin of the sun.
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Sun control, The most advanced protection for the most demanding skin Anti-Aging & Dark Spots Sun sensitive Skin Uniform Tan Milk SPF 50 Over time, you feel that your skin no longer tans as before: the tan seems less uniform, they begin to appear dark spots or wrinkles, and the skin becomes much more sensitive to the sun. Sun Control is the solar line that acts as a sunscreen and also with its innovative anti-aging technology will take care of your skin and rejuvenate it while you enjoy the sun. This unctuous, non-greasy moisturizer offers the best sun protection even for the most demanding skin types: In addition, with its high SPF 50+ it is indicated for the lightest and sun-sensitive skins. Anti-aging sun protection: Sun control in addition to protecting against 100% of the sun's rays, combat premature aging thanks to its advanced anti-aging technology. With black pepper and soy extract that stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. A complex of enzymes that repair the damaged DNA of the skin, moisturizing agents and nutrients (glycerin and shea butter) and exfoliants (lactic acid salicylic acid) that soften the surface of the skin and an exclusive anti-blemish complex (red algae, licorice and margarita) that controls the hyperpigmentation of the skin, preventing the appearance of new spots. Calming action (bisabolol) Lancaster has shown that all sun rays (UVA, UVB, Visible Light and Infrared) damage the skin at different levels. In addition, its anti-aging technology, DNA repair and anti-stain complex will allow you to enjoy the sun with total security. Sun Control is equipped with Full Light Technology that protects against the entire solar spectrum: UVA + UVB + Visible Light + Infrared with a combination of filters and an antioxidant complex that effectively and safely neutralize the sun's rays. Absorption: UVB + UVA rays + visible light: highly photostable and efficient filters + Tinosorb M Reflection: Full Light spectrum. Rubi powder + Pearl pigments + Titanium dioxide + Bio Glass M Neutralization: Full Light spectrum. Antioxidant complex + Vitamin C and E + sea buckthorn oil Apply generously throughout the body before sun exposure. Repeat the application frequently to maintain protection, especially after bathing, physical exercise and drying with the towel.
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