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Achieves length, curly and a spectacular volume.
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Mascara that provides thickness and volume achieving a defined and surprising finish. Exclusive formula of liquid and solid waxes provides volume, thickens and elevates the eyelashes and provides an intense tone.And innovative brush to provide maximum volume as it deposits the product on the eyelashes without weighing, providing maximum volume and enhancing the curl. Ultra-defined ink tones and high impact color, ultralight texture. It does not stain the eyelids because it does not make lumps, remaining unchanged throughout the day. Dermatological and ophthalmologically tested. Apply it starting at the roots, apply with a zig-zag movement to cover the lashes completely. For greater intensity and definition, separate the lashes with the tip of the brush.

Shiseido was founded in 1872, four years after the Meiji Restoration. Arinobu Fukuhara, former chief pharmacist of the Japanese Navy, opened the first Western-style Japanese private pharmacy in Ginza, the country's cultural and fashion center. Concerned about the poor quality of pharmaceutical products sold to the public at that time, Arinobu decided to open a pharmacy to offer Western-style products, at a time when herbal medicine was still the most popular. The Shiseido lines personalize their treatments. In their products do not matter the jars but what they offer inside them. Quality First: The constant search for Shiseido to reach the highest levels of quality, has supported for almost a century, all its activities. Coexistence and Shared Prosperity: Shiseido seeks to share its benefits with all companies and with all individuals associated with the Company. Respect for Clients: Shiseido must be totally oriented to customer service. Corporate Stability: Shiseido must have a firm infrastructure with long-term objectives. Sincerity: Shiseido must conduct business transactions with loyalty, honesty and respect.

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