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Free yourself from wrinkles.
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Urban Environment UV Protection Cream Plus SPF50 High and light daily sun protection that provides exceptional hydration and protects against external aggressors such as UVA and UVB rays, dryness, roughness, pollution and photoaging. Its novel and pleasant texture, in addition to intensely moisturizing and strengthening the skin in the presence of environmental dryness, is absorbed quickly and is completely translucent, so it can be removed with any usual cleanser and used as a foundation. The lightness of the texture of the product means that there are no whitish elements after application and it is very comfortable to use so the cream is perfectly indicated for the male audience. The perfect urban daily protection. Leaves a perfect skin without whitish elements and absorbing perfectly. Tested by Dermatologists. Not comedogenic. Tested by Ophthalmologists. Hydro-Restoring Complex contains an amino acid that is part of the NMF (Natural Hydration Factor) and has a powerful long-lasting moisturizing effect. Skeleton Extract prevents the damage caused by UV rays in the fibroblasts, producers of collagen and elastin, the key factors of eternal youth Thanks to the Rosa Apple Leaf Extract, cell damage caused by UV rays is prevented. Once you get an excellent antioxidant effect. Apply generously on face and body before sun exposure. Apply after the usual treatment when used on the face. The protection factor has been determined using an amount of 2mg per square centimeter in accordance with the standard of the Solar Factor Measurement Method. Avoid direct eye contact. If this happens, rinse with plenty of water

Shiseido was founded in 1872, four years after the Meiji Restoration. Arinobu Fukuhara, former chief pharmacist of the Japanese Navy, opened the first Western-style Japanese private pharmacy in Ginza, the country's cultural and fashion center. Concerned about the poor quality of pharmaceutical products sold to the public at that time, Arinobu decided to open a pharmacy to offer Western-style products, at a time when herbal medicine was still the most popular. The Shiseido lines personalize their treatments. In their products do not matter the jars but what they offer inside them. Quality First: The constant search for Shiseido to reach the highest levels of quality, has supported for almost a century, all its activities. Coexistence and Shared Prosperity: Shiseido seeks to share its benefits with all companies and with all individuals associated with the Company. Respect for Clients: Shiseido must be totally oriented to customer service. Corporate Stability: Shiseido must have a firm infrastructure with long-term objectives. Sincerity: Shiseido must conduct business transactions with loyalty, honesty and respect.

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